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I like ice cream, peanut butter, and dogs.  Have any one of those things with you and I'll be your friend; have a combination of them and I'll never leave your side. 


Oh, yeah, and I'm a performer.  I like puppets.  A lot.  They make people believe in magic again, and have the power to make you ugly cry.  For real. 

I also REALLY like being an idiot on stage.  A lot of people call that clown. 

Photo Credit: Scott Dare

No, not like that terrible movie, IT.  But like the clowns in the circus, who make you laugh and giggle your little asses off. In fact, I went to circus school and studied it! 


I also studied with Paola Coletta who is one of 40 students to have been certified as a pedagogical specialist under the direction of Lecoq himself.  So, that's cool.

Anyways, enough garbbly gook about me.  Poke around the rest of the site and check out some the really awesome stuff I've done.....crap, now I just sound pretentious.  That's not what I- ugh, you know what I mean.